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Sardinian Breaks is a rare thing — an exclusive Sardinia villa rental trade mark which was created from Ladiri for the specific reason of providing only the highest standards of service, holiday house and attention-to-detail for those discerning vacation clients who truly do value being taken care of, who dream of a hassle-free luxury vacation in the exclusive South Sardinia.

Our client-base can be described as truly inter-continental — our clients travel here from many countries around the globe, both near and far, but they all share a common desire and that is that they require a unique residence and an equally unique service — a 5-star villa managed by 5-star professionals, providing 5-star service.

From the moment you step from the airport ‘Arrivals’ lounge, you simply relax, and allow the Sardinian Breaks team to take care of absolutely everything. We shall speed you rapidly to the air-conditioned luxury of your own exclusive vacation villa, a stylish grand residence for that special vacation away, where you own personal professional chef will have prepared a delectable spread of fine cuisine ready for you & your family and friends, the moment you step through the front door.

Whatever it is that you desire most, whether it is simply to relax in the soft white sands of some of the finest beaches in Sardinia, or maybe you are here to explore the fascinations of the ancient Sardinian culture, or perhaps simply you appreciate the vibrant buzz of South Sardinia, that fast-growing area where we all live, with nightlife that is a year-round attraction for all. — All this, and more, is right here for you in Sardinia, and it is the Sardinian Breaks team’s mission to utilize their expertise, knowledge and professionalism to give you what you are looking for above all else : The Perfect Luxury Vacation.

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If you would like to find out more about what Sardinian Breaks can do for you, just contact us to arrange your free initial consultation. We very much look forward to hearing from you.

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Ladiri Sardinia | Real Estate and Property Management

Ladiri Sardinia
Real Estate and Property Management

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