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What type of houses are available and reservable on the Sardinian Breaks website?

Sardinian Breaks selects elegant villas and vacation homes in Sardinia’s most evocative areas for the www.sardinianbreaks.com website; frequent features include swimming pool, sea view, or directly on the Mediterranean Sea.

Are the houses available during a specific time period?

Sardinian Breaks operates all year round.

What is included in the price of the house?

Unless indicated differently in the house description, the following services are included in the price: consumption of gas, electricity and water, use of plates, cutlery and other kitchen equipment, sheets and bath towels. If the gas supply is cut off due to excess use or negligence, the cost of adjustment must be covered by the guests.

Will I receive a contract for the use of the house?

Every guest receives a contract which includes information relative to the selected time period (Example: cost of the vacation home, date of arrival and departure, maximum number of guests permitted within the house, allocation of risks and responsibilities, etc).

When is the estimated arrival time? And departure time?

Unless you receive indications to the contrary which will be located under the house description, the day of arrival and departure is always Saturday.
Saturday between
 16:00 and 19:00

Saturday between 10:00 and 12:00.

Upon your arrival the house will be clean and orderly. If you are late, the customer service office of Sardinianbreaks will be at your disposition on Saturday evening (from April to October) between 16:00 and 20:00.

You will receive all of the necessary information along with the lease voucher, which will be sent to you before your departure.

Can I request additional services (babysitting, excursions, transfers)?

Certainly. Sardinia Breaks will be happy to aid you in satisfying any holiday necessities; please communicate your needs to us in a timely fashion. In particular we advise you to directly consult our collaborators; they will be the first to suggest the different options that Sardinian Breaks can offer to you.

How can I reach the house that I've reserved?

By way of email or telephone we will set up a time and place where you will meet a member of the Sardinian Breaks concierge, who will accompany you to the house. This service is especially important, considering that many of Ladiri’s houses are found in locations without clearly marked road directions or place names.

If I go to Sardinia on my holiday, will I need my own mode of transport?

If you go to Sardinia on holiday we strongly advise you to procure a car or another personal mode of transport; it is possible to rent a car through Sardinian Breaks or directly contact one of the major auto rental companies present in the principal airports of the island.

Are the villas and residences far away from the airports?

The houses are generally located a maximum of 100 km from the main airports of Sardinia, a distance that can be covered, on average, in less than an hour by car.

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