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1. Introduction

The following general terms are an integral part of the agreed contract between you and Ladiri Srls, AGENZIA DI INTERMEDIAZIONE IMMOBILIARE, based in Cagliari, via Italia 143, VAT code number 04002760926, registered at the Cagliari Chamber of Commerce number 355461 and authorized as Mediator with n° 869 and his trade mark Sardinian Breaks.

2. Stipulation, conclusion of the contract and payment conditions

You can make the Request reservation through the web site www.ladiri.it or www.sardinianbreaks.com and pay the deposit reaching Ladiri Srls at the number +39 070 371957.
The deposit of the 30% will correspond with the acceptance of the estimate and with the deposit sail of the 70% 30 days before your arriving date.
If you book 30 days before your arriving date will correspond a settlement payment with credit card or bank wire transfer. With a settlement payment (100%) www.ladiri.it will send you by e-mail a voucher payment.
The contract will be definitive with the payment of the deposit sail. If you will not pay the 30% deposit sail the booking will be annulled.
To the senses of the D.L. n°50 of the 15/01/1992 and n°185 of the 22/05/1999, the recess right can be exercised within 7 days from the date of acceptance of the present contracted through letter registered with sent warning of reception to Ladiri Srls AGENZIA IMMOBILIARE based in Cagliari (CA) via Italia 143, VAT code 04002760926, registered at the Cagliari Chamber of Commerce number 355461 and authorized as Mediator at the n° 869.
The recess right can be exercised also by means of sent telegram or facsimile within the term over indicated on condition that it is confirmed with registered letter with warning of reception within the 48 hours.

3. Performance and prices

1. The published prices are weekly.

2. Minimum stay : 7 nights, from Saturday to Saturday.

3. The maximum stay is 30 days.

In the low season, in almost all the residences, the stay could be shorter. In the prices are included the energetic consumptions. In the price list you can find if the final cleaning is included.
If is not indicated will be signed the import that will be turnover with the leas. Any possible additional performance it’s to pay in loco.
Occupancy tax is not included in the rate, if requested it must be paid by the clients at the departure.
All the information that you find in the localities, we had them from third part, so it’s possible that we don’t know possible change. Besides, there might be hitches in the supply of electric power, gas and water : Ladiri Srls and his trade mark Sardinian Breaks cannot be held responsible for these unforeseen events or events caused by bad weather conditions.

4. Prices modifications and performances

All the description of the residences and the prices are prepared with a lot of attention; but they can change so all the alterations of the prices will be communicated at the moment of the booking and of the confirm. It even could happen that these alterations could appear when the contract is concluded. If important alterations points of the contract you can ask the revocation, by five days, without expense. So you will receive the repayment of what you’ve paid.

5. Arrivals and departs

You have to arrive between the 4:00pm and at 7:00pm and the depart is for 10:00am.
If you can’t arrive for that hour you have to contact the responsible at the number that you find on the voucher, that will give you a new appointment. If you can’t occupy the house the day fixed, for problems during the trip, it’s not estimate a repayment. The same thing if you have to leave before. If you want to extend your holiday you must contact Ladiri Srls or his trade mark Sardinian Breaks at the number +39 070 371957 or email at booking@sardinianbreaks.com.

6. Cancellation of the contract from the client

You can cancel your booking since 43 days before the depart with a penalty of the 10% of the share; from 42 to 29 days before the depart the penalty is of the 50%. From 28 to 2 days before the depart is of 80%. From the day before the penalty is the 100% of the share.

7. External maintenance

If necessary Ladiri Srls or a his agent, can do the essential maintenance operations (garden swimming pool, etc..).

8. Cancellation of the contract from Ladiri Srls and his trade mark Sardinian Breaks

In some cases Ladiri Srls and his trade mark Sardinian Breaks can change the booked residence with another house of the same level/value. In other cases (war, disaster, a fire or other), Ladiri Srls and his trade mark Sardinian Breaks can cancel the contract giving back the money paid.

9. Obligation of the client

At the moment of the delivery of the keys the customer has to pay a caution money that can be paid cash, with euro cheque and some times with credit card.
At the depart moment this caution will be completely returned, if the house is not dirty, integral and perfectly in order. The occupation of the residences are limited at the number of the persons that are included in the contract. The client will occupy the residence respecting the rules of a good next door-neighbor.

10. Order, cleanliness, heating

The residences are consigned by Ladiri Srls clean and in a perfect order. When the customer leaves he has to clean up the house and consigned how it was at his arrival.
The final cleanliness doesn’t includes the kitchen and the removal of the garbage. The heating using is regulated by dispositions that changes in every region. The heating installation can be used from November to April.
According to the situation of the energetic supply and the current regulations, the usage of the heating system (time of switching on/off and temperature) is regulated by dispositions which vary from region to the other. Approximately, the heating systems can be turned on in the period from November to April. As a consequence, heating, the cost of which is included in the price if not otherwise specified, can be used in the period indicated above.

11. Complaints and request to repay

If when you arrive or during the stay you find some differences with the booking, we suggest you to resolve the problem with an our agent. If the agent can’t resolve you the problem you can contact Ladiri Srls at the number +39 070 371957. In case the agent can’t repay you. All the complaints have to be reached by Ladiri Srls 4 weeks before the end of the stay.

12. Ladiri Srls his trade mark Sardinian Breaks attributable responsibilities

If the characters of the lodging are not like they are wrote on the contract, Ladiri Srls and his trade mark Sardinian Breaks will give at your disposition an alternative of the same value. If it’s not possible for a lack of availability or if you refuse the alternative for good reasons, Ladiri Srls and his trade mark Sardinian Breaks will repay you the whole rent or a part of the stay Ladiri Srls and his trade mark Sardinian Breaks are not responsible:
a) negligence or omission of services attributable at third persons.
b) shall not be liable for any loss, breach or delay due to any cause beyond our reasonable control including, though not limited to, act of God, explosion, flood, tempest, fire or accident, war or threat of war, civil disturbance, acts, restrictions, bye-laws, or measures of any kind on the part of any governmental or local authority, strikes, lockouts, or other industrial actions or disputes or adverse weather conditions. In any such case we shall be entitled to treat the contract as discharged.
c) stealing in the house. Neither we nor the Property Owner is responsible for noise or disturbance originating beyond the boundaries of the holiday accommodation or which is beyond our control.
d) neither (as agent for the Property Owner) nor the Property Owner shall be responsible for the death of or personal injury of any holidaymaker unless this results from the proven negligence of ourselves or our employees.

13. Place of jurisdiction

For every disagreement that concerns the booking of the residence and the using of the services, the jurisdiction place is Cagliari. The applicable law is the Italian one. The booking implicates the knowledge of the Ladiri Srls and his trade mark Sardinian Breaks terms and condition and it’s acceptance without exceptions. If some condition of this contract were or will become not valid or if in this contract you may find a lack, the validity of the other condition can’t be damaged. Obligatory communication according with the act 269/98 of the article 16: The law punishes with the penalty of imprisonment the crimes of prostitution and of the minority pornography, even if they are commit foreign.

14. Approved in accordance with the article 1341 and 1342 Civil Code

Approval of these clauses: withdrawal, penal, of this contract as well as the clauses of the: article 3; 4; 5; 7; 8; 11 and 12.
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